VeggieTales Giveaway

Want to win a copy of VeggieTales: The League of Incredible Vegetables DVD for your family?

Here’s how:

VeggieTalesThe League of Incredible Vegetables

The League of Incredible Vegetables

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Wyatt & Lola With Santa Claus

On Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wyatt & Lola visited with Santa Claus

at the Children’s Christmas Party at

First Baptist Church,

Otis, New Mexico.

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Lisa Leonard’s What I’m Wearing Jo Totes Giveaway

Here is the site that tells all about the Giveaway:

I’m so excited about this Giveaway. I spent lots of time looking at the Jo Totes collection trying to decide which one I would like the best. Here is the site to see them all:

I even spent time researching the colors and what they mean, especially Griege (which I had never heard of before) and Magenta.

Gracie - Magenta

Gracie – Magenta

Gracie - Griege

Gracie – Griege

I think I’ve finally decided on the Gracie – Griege although I also like the Gracie – Magenta.

I would really love to win this. I carry a briefcase to church with all my stuff – Bible, bulletins, music, water bottle, camera, batteries, pen, pencil, highlighters, etc. This bag would work great for that….and I think I would probably use it as a purse as well.

Thanks Lisa Leonard for having this Giveaway….I REALLY would love to win!!!!!!!

Lola and her Hoop-a-Loop!

Lola recently went to the circus and saw a person with hula hoops.

Then she saw a hoop-a-loop on a cartoon show.

Her Mama said they might try to get one for her, but she told her Mama she wanted Santa to bring her one for her birthday (September).

We found 3 sizes at WalMart when we were buying groceries Monday, so we got the middle size….probably should have gotten the small one though.

She brought it to our house on Tuesday. She hadn’t let her Mama show her how to do it, but she wanted me to.  I can’t even remember the last time I tried this….LOL!

 Below are the photos of both of us attempting to hoop-a-loop with baby Wyatt looking on.

Later in the day Lola made a little more progress.

Mama told Lola to keep practicing so she could learn how to hoop-a-loop!