30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 23 – January 23, 2012

Welcome to Day 23 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by our daughter, C.C., at I’m On My Way
and her online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal.

Today’s assignment is to post a blog post of 20 facts about you.


1. My youngest sister, Edie, was born on my 3rd birthday!

2. When we were young children, we lived in a 2 bedroom house on Roosevelt Street in Guymon, Oklahoma. Of course, the 3 of us girls shared a room. We had bunk beds for two of us. I had the top which I fell off too many times, so other arrangements were made to save wear and tear on my body. LOL!

3. The three of us girls, myself being the oldest, Myrt, and Edie were often viewed as triplets because Mother dressed us alike. This especially happened when we were dressed up for special times like Easter. Often our clothes were made by Mother who was a very good seamstress.

4. My Daddy was a PK (short for preacher’s kid). Grandpa Myrtle Preston Hobson was Baptist turned Methodist. He passed away at the age of 68 in June 1951 just before I was born in November. Myrt was named after him.

5. I dearly loved my Grandma Edyth Ellen Johnson Hobson (Daddy’s Mother). Edie was named after her. I still remember parts about her house in Sulphur, Oklahoma. We would play with her jewelry and bath powder. She had a wringer washing machine that Myrt got her arm caught in one time. She moved to Guymon in 1958 where she lived part of the time in a trailer house, now known as mobile homes, behind my Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Ila which was a few blocks from us, part of the time with them, part of the time with us, and part of the time in her own house across the street from Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Ila. It was within walking distance. When I was old enough to drive I would often stop by after school to visit with her. Being in tornado alley she had a storm cellar in her yard which was fun to play on top of and in where there were many jars of canned food among other things. She had a metal glider and lawn chairs on her front porch where we often sat to talk. She had pretty flowers. I especially remember an old white enamel wash tub with red trim nailed to the top of a tree stump filled with moss rose. It was always so beautiful. She would make yummy snickerdoodles to have on hand for us. She always had hoarhound candy (yuck) and lemon drops in the candy dish. She would attend church and usually wore a hat. When we were younger we would attend with her and also go to her church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School). Often on Sunday afternoons my family would take her for a Sunday drive. We usually ended up at the local drive through for soft serve ice cream cones. She passed away when she lived with Uncle Ernest “Slim” and Aunt Lettie at the age of 82 in May 1970 just before I graduated from high school. I wrote a poem about her just before her funeral. I still have it to this day.

6. The two bedroom house mentioned in 2. above holds many memories. Family would come to visit. Mother’s family often came at Christmas. We would have Baptist pallets all over the house. On Christmas Eve part of the adults would take all of us kids for a drive to see the Christmas lights. Upon our return Santa would have been there. Many old home movies were taken. Special times.

7. One time when Grannie and Grandpa Edwards were visiting at the house in 2., Grandpa was sitting at the kitchen table looking out the front window.  A friend, who happened to be a boy, came over to play with us.  As he was walking up the front sidewalk Grandpa said, “Beckey Bug, he’s alright.  He wears patches on his britches.”  LOL!

8. We often visited Grannie and Grandpa Edwards in Cottonwood, Oklahoma.  Sometimes we would stay a week while Daddy and Mother went on a trip.  They didn’t have indoor plumbing for many years, so we used the outhouse during the day and a pot in the house at night.  We took our bath in a big washtub, and we all shared the same water.  Grannie was a great cook.  She fixed red (pinto) beans nearly every day.  She baked the best ever homemade cinnamon rolls, especially because Daddy loved them.  The adult men fished a lot and caught the biggest catfish on trot lines.  That’s where I learned to love friend catfish.  They knew how to fillet them just right as to avoid most of the bones.  We also had fried squirrel and deer which they killed and dressed.  They lived on the curve of the highway going through and across from the elementary school.  We got to go across and make use of the playground equipment.  We took the slop bucket across the road for the neighbor’s animals.  There was a little convenience store down the road which we got to walk to not only to get things for Grannie but for ourselves.  We drank sodas from bottles.  We got candy.  We watched the old timers play checkers.  All of us shared beds and slept with the windows open because all they had were box fans.  We could hear the crickets singing at night.  Fond memories.

9.  I married Gary on my 20th birthday the Saturday before Thanksgiving in 1971.  He was 19 and had to have his parents sign for him to get married.  We ended up at his parents in Albuquerque for Thanksgiving and back to Guymon in time to be back in college classes on that Monday.

10.  My world was turned upside down when Gary was injured in a car wreck his first day back to work, only 10 days after our wedding.  He worked for an inventory company that inventoried grocery stores.  They were crossing a bridge on icy roads.  Gary had just unfastened his seatbelt so he could drive (He was experienced on icy roads.) when they got across the bridge.  He was thrown from the car.  After seeing the car, I think that was a blessing.  My Daddy worked for the Ford dealership and drove a wrecker.  He was called to the accident and found Gary was involved.  He came to our little abode to tell me.  I remember our pastor coming to the hospital and sharing scripture from James 1 that helped us through the difficult time.

11.  Our first abode was a converted garage apartment behind the owner’s home.  It was VERY tiny.  We paid $75 per month.

12.  It was Vietnam time.  Gary was about to be drafted, so he joined the Air Force and left for basic training in February after our wedding in November.  I have a cousin that was in the Air Force stationed in San Antonio.  He allowed me to stay a weekend with them so I could visit Gary.  After I finished the sememster, I drove by myself from Guymon (population about 8,000) to Dallas Love Field with our little car packed to the brim.  There was barely enough enough room for the two of us to sit in the front seat.  He was in Biloxi, Mississippi and flew in to Dallas to drive us the rest of the way.  I stayed in guest housing.  I got very sick with a kidney infection.  Then we stayed a weekend in his friends’ trailer to keep an eye on things and rest while they were gone.  They had a cat.  I’m allergic to most cats and don’t like them.  I was asleep.  The cat jumped on the bed and me which scared me.  My knee jerk reaction landed the cat against the wall.  I’ve never lived down that incident.

13.  We had 3 miscarriages, so our 3 babies are in heaven and have since been joined by C.C. and Russell’s 3 babies who were also miscarried.

14.  We have had 9 foster children in our married life from age 2 months to 2 years except our first one was 9.  It was quite an experience.  The 9 year old girl was a hand full.  She would look you in the eye, tell you she hated you, and you knew she meant it.  One little 2 year old boy was going up for adoption.  We were going to try to get him, but I got pregnant with C.C. after having been told we would probaby never have biological children.  We didn’t have insurance, so we couldn’t afford the pregnancy and adoption.

15.  We were dorm parents in one of the men’s dorms at Dallas Baptist University.  That’s when we had the little boy we were going to adopt.  The college students loved Jason as much as we did.  They would come and take him out to “play”, etc.

16.  I love music….I was in choir, band, stage band, orchestra….I took a few private instrumental lessons from my band director in exchange for babysitting his children.  I had a couple months organ lessons.  I had a little bit of piano lessons, but I didn’t do very well because our teacher made us memorize everything we played.  That was real challenge for me.  I took a few months with our girls when they were taking lessons.  I’ve never had private voice lessons, but I would attend All State Choir with the girls and attend all their sessions where I learned so much.  Growing up I was in All State Band every year I tried out.  I was also Junior High School Drum Major for the band while I was in high school.  Edie was a twirler.  I tried out for high school drum major, but I wasn’t selected because the other person was a boy which gave him the job over me.  A little over a year ago, Gary and I had a remodel job done on our home – converted the garage – so we got enough money in our loan to be able to purchase a concert grand piano which I’ve always wanted.  I play the piano at our church.  I also sing.  I have sung for weddings and funerals also.  Our girls are really good singers as is Damaris.  I think Lola will be, too.

17.  I spent about 7 years working at a funeral home working up to Director of Administration.  I had the best boss (and wife) anyone could ever ask for.  They treated me and my family like their family.  I considered this job as a ministry rather than a job.  I learned so much there.  It complimented my role as a pastor’s wife.  When they sold and moved away, I was asked to take a position at an accounting firm.  That’s something I wish I had never done, but….back to my other story.  We’re still friends with this dear family even though they live clear across the USA from us.  They are the ones that took Gary and me on the Alaskan cruise I blogged about one day.

18.  I love to read although I don’t get to read much for pure pleasure.  I read lots for church stuff though.  I really like to read Christian romance because I don’t have to think about anything, I can just read.

19.  I love butterflies.  They remind me of 1 Corinthians 7:15, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new.”  At one point when we lived in Albuquerque, we had a butterfly ring custom made using stones from other rings, which I used for my wedding ring (2nd one) for many years.  I still have it and wear it all the time.

20.  Finally – I love my Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.  I love my husband.  I love C.C. and Carrie.  I love our son-in-laws, Russell and J.R. I love our grandchildren, James, Damaris, Lola, and Wyatt.  I love Myrt (and Gordon) and Edie (and Steve).  I love my extended family….aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces….

I was going to try to put some pictures in of some of the 20 facts, but since this is so long and I have so much I need to accomplish today, I think I better pass.


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