30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20 – January 20, 2012

Welcome to Day 20 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by our daughter, C.C., at I’m On My Way
and her online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal.

Today’s assignment is to post a blog post about the meaning behind your blog name.


Just a side note: I really like the blog names of others participating in this challenge, and I look forward to reading about their meanings and  how they came to be.

You can probably guess the meaning behind my blog name, B Ma Beckey’s Blog, My Life as B Ma to James Curtis Daniel Frink, Damaris Mikaelia Almon, Lola Callaway Frink, & Wyatt Richard Frink. I wanted something different and unique. I liked the sound of the three B’s. I thought focusing on our grandchidren would be good since I spend so much time on other things on a daily basis, i.e. church, etc.

Before our grandchildren came along, we had heard some pretty unique names that grandchildren call their grandparents. When it was time for Damaris to be born we were tossing around ideas for what we wanted our grandchildren to call us. I came up with the idea of G Pa which stands for Gary Pa and B Ma which stands for Beckey Ma. We also say G Pa Gary and B Ma Beckey when referring to ourselves around others. It was a little hard for some of our grandchildren to say, but after some time they have picked it up. We’ll see how Wyatt does when he starts talking. Just a note: James wasn’t part of the family at this time. He came into the family later when J.R. and Carrie married in 2004. We don’t get to see him very often as he lives with his mom and other siblings in Texas. We were thrilled that he got to be with all of us this Christmas.

Here’s a picture of them together taken on Christmas Day 2011.

Wyatt, James, Damaris, Lola

Our Grandchildren

Our Grandchildren

Wyatt, James, Damaris, Lola

Wyatt was born December 15, 2011, so he was 5 weeks yesterday.

James was born March 9, 1998, so he’s 13.

Damaris was born October 13, 1999, so she’s 12.

Lola was born September 17, 2008, so she’s 3.


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