30 Day Blog Post – Day 13 – January 13, 2012

Welcome to Day 13 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by our daughter, C.C., at I’m On My Way
and her online BFF Jamee at A New Kind of Normal.

Today’s assignment is to post a blog post about your favorite musician and why he/she/they are your favorite.


My apologies for being so late with this. Things happen!

As most of you, I have many favorite musicians. However, I can sum them up by sharing about the Gaither Homecoming Friends. Bill Gaither put this together. Many different solo artists and groups participate in these events. Some are there all the time, and some come and go, however, the core group is pretty much the same. The anchor group is the Gaither Vocal Band. The artists that comprise this group are Bill Gaither, the originator of the group, and 3 other men. My favorite combination of the group has been Bill Gaither, Mark Lowrey, Guy Penrod, and David Phelps. We have been fortunate to attend two live concerts in Lubbock, Texas. The first time we had seats on the first row on the floor. We could reach out and touch the stage. The second time we chose seats higher up on what we thought was going to be street level, but they ended up being even higher. Even better than the concerts was the Alaskan cruise a former boss and wife took us on in June 2002. It was put on by Inspiration Cruises. The Gaither Homecoming Friends were the entire special group the entire cruise. They provided Bible studies in the mornings and concerts every night. It was absolutely fantastic and fabulous!!!!!!! We’ll never forget the expereience!!!! Another favorite in the Homecoming Friends was the pianist, Anthony Burger. My how he could make that piano sing!!!! Unfortunately, he suffered an untimely heart attack and death on one of these cruises in February 2006 right after he finished playing “We Shall Behold Him”.

This is an old video, but it features the four men I mentioned above and even has Anthony on piano.

This song “Sinner Saved By Grace” is a wonderful testimony of these men, and it is also my testimony!

This video is not only Anthony Burger’s playing, but it’s about his life. It’s an amazing story. What an amazing God-given talent, ability, and ministry Anthony had!!!!

2012 Spring Tour Spot

Wish we could go on this – again!

Alaskan Cruise 2012


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