30 Day Blog Post – Day 7 – Saturday, January 7, 2012

Welcome to Day 7 of The 30 Day Blog Challenge hosted by my daughter, C.C.,
at I’m On My Way and her online BFF
Jamee at A New Kind of Normal.

Today’s assignment is to post a blog post about your dream wedding.


Gary and I married on Saturday, November 20, 1971 – my 20th birthday. After 40 years of marriage, I don’t know that I have a dream wedding. The wedding I had wasn’t exactly my dream wedding at the time, but after all these years I don’t even remember everything that I dreamed of. Now there are so many new things people have and do at weddings. Because we’re in the ministry, we’ve helped many couples with their wedding. We’ve come to learn that you don’t have to spend a fortune or go into debt to have a very special wedding!

There are some things I would change, i.e. our cake. It was awful. It tasted like it had been baked and frozen for months. Of course, we couldn’t enjoy the top on our first anniversary because it was so bad.

I would have loved to have more and better quality pictures. The photos haven’t held up very well, but my daughter, C.C., had 5 scanned and saved in her Picasa albums and e-mailed them to me to use in this blog so I wouldn’t have to try to take mine out of albums, etc. So here they are…….

Daddy, Me, Gary, Mother

Daddy passed away May 25, 2010 when he was 87. Mother passed away January 15, 1990 when she was only a young 57.

Lighting our unity candle

This was a very special unity candle custom made by our florist with our wedding invitation and scraps of fabric from my wedding dress, going away outfit, and honeymoon clothes which were all made by my Mother. This beautiful candle suffered greatly. When we were dorm parents at Dallas Baptist University, we had a very small apartment in the dorm. We went on a trip. While we were gone the heating/cooling malfunctioned. We came home to a very melted candle.  It was very disfigured and not presentable or useable.   😦

Me next to our floral candelabra

The 3 Hobson Girls Myrt, Me, Edie

I’m the oldest of us. Myrt is 13 months after me, and Edie was born on my 3rd birthday. Myrt had just gotten married a few months before we did and was expecting the first grandchild to the family. Mother made Edie’s dress, too.


Grannie Jewell Lee Callaway Edwards is on the left. She’s my Mother’s Mother. Grma Opal Rose Ella Beach Gregory Cady is on the right. She’s Gary’s Mother’s Mother. Both of them have now gone on to heaven with our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.


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