Right Now . . . .

I borrowed this from my daughter’s blog, I’m On My Way at http://www.thealmons.com/ccblog/?p=4835&cpage=1#comment-9973.

Right now I am . . . .

Watching:  Hallmark movie – Holiday Engagement – good movie

Eating:  reduced fat Ritz crackers with reduced fat cheddar cheese; going to have caramel corn, tortilla chips, crunchy Cheetos

Drinking:  nothing right now, but going to have hot water shortly

Wearing:  gown, robe, slipper socks, slippers, sleep pants

Avoiding:  nothing – trying to get lots accomplished

Feeling:  overwhelmed

Missing:  being a part of a choir Christmas musical and The Messiah performed annually by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary choir with full orchestra

Thankful:  for our grandson, Wyatt Richard Frink, scheduled to be delivered via c-section on Thursday 12-15-2011 at 8:00 AM in Roswell

Weather:  45.7 degrees, wind 3 mph, high today 64 degrees, low tonight expected to be 40 degrees, partly cloudy overnight, 30% chance rain, 97% humidity

Praying:  for lots of things especially for kids to get to where they feel they should be

Needing:  more time to accomplish all I need/want

Thinking:  about Christmas and all that still needs to be done

Loving:  my new sleep pants to keep my legs warmer after my shower and before bedtime

What are YOU doing right now?


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